So you would like to have a dress, specially designed for you? yourPersonalFashionStylist Margit has connections with the big names in fashion: from Chanel to Stella McCartney. And also with our Dutch fashion houses like Jan Taminiau, Claes Iversen.


The red carpet feeling

For at least 4 hours you will shop at the fashion house which suits you best with yourPersonalFashionStylist. You will get individual advices from your own stylist. Before your visit we will have a personal meeting (1-2 hours) at a location of your liking. This service is only suitable for 1 or 2 persons, so yourPersonalFashionStylist can guarantee all the attention you need.


yourHauteCouture includes:

  • Custom made couture.
  • Individual advice of yourPersonalFashionStylist.
  • Car service and out of hours shopping on request.