You would like an easy to manage wardrobe with multiple outfit combinations, but don't always have time to go shopping for hours and hours? yourPersonalFashionStylist will work together with you to achieve a multi dimensional look that is perfect for your lifestyle, shape and budget. You will get honest advice as well as tips and tools to keep you looking great. 

You will have the option of shopping with yourPersonalFashionStylist or she will be happy to pre-shop for you.  


yourPersonalStylingMen includes: 

  • Experience where and how to shop in a faster, focused and efficient manner.
  • Advice on which cuts and styles are the right for you. 
  • Confidence in putting outfits together successfully, to create a polished, and coordinated look. 
  • A clear view of how the new items will work with your existing wardrobe and how to shop again. 
  • Recommendation on which accessories will give you your best look.